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He’s the Caucasian You Crave and his reworking of corporate billboards is some of the funniest shit you’re ever going to see. He’s NEWA and he’s proving you can be freaked out on drugs and not fall off any billboard scaffolding high above concrete and automobiles. It was actually graffiti that led to NEWA’s fascination with street art. “I used to ride the subways to New York and Philadelphia in the early 90’s to buy drugs and beer with friends and I noticed this beautiful artwork called graffiti destroying every piece of property along the ride. Then once in those major hubs of destruction, the graffiti was everywhere.”

Reworking everything from the Trix Rabbit to the Nike “swoosh” into his billboards, NEWA has the final say in what messages are reaching the average American consumer during their morning commute. “My art destroys private property and in most cases ruins the viewer’s day. Nothing could be more rewarding than that other then the work of a serial killer.” With installations promoting Jesus as a “Player Hater” and ones in support of domestic violence, you can see how popular NEWA must be with Joe Citizen.

NEWA’s hobbies include, but are not limited too, shoplifting, doing drugs, trying to make it to work on time, and shoplifting on drugs. When asked about the awards his work has won, NEWA responds, “I have been awarded a matching set of silver bracelets in Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Kansas City. I’m also working on my first felony conviction for destruction of private property and obscenity, so I should receive a free vacation at “Club Fed. I have also been placed atop the who’s who list by local anti-graffiti forces.” During the summer, NEWA also teaches handicapped children how to swim at the local YMCA.-from “Morning Wood”, Gingko Press in Association with R77. Used without permission.

*Although all true at the time, Newa no longer condones the act of personal drug use. Everyone else feel free to carry on doing what you want. 



Selected Publications

Morning Wood-Gingko Press in Association with R77

Freight Train Graffiti-Abrams, New York

Enamelized: Graffiti Worldwide-R77 in Association with Gingko Press

Supreme Quality-R77

The History of American Graffiti-Harper Design

Street World: Urban Art and Culture From Five Continents- Abrams, New York

Faesthetic #3

Juxtapoz #39

While You Were Sleeping #14


the fat kid on your bus everybody's a jerk to.-Publisher

Who Need's Them?-Publisher

Asbury Park Press, Kansas City Star, Jacksonville Times-Various Front Page Articles

Day in the Life: Kansas City Now and Then w/ELK

Scribble Magazine: The Nace Memorial Issue

Selected Films

The Art of Storytelling

Exit from the Gift Shop

Selected Galleries

Steel Wheels, 2012 Atlanta, GA

20 Years of Billboard Alterations, 1999 CBGB's New York, NY

55dsl & Faesthetic Present 8.5" x 11", 2003 New York, NY

Seventeen on Seventeen, 2002 Chicago, IL

Outdoor Victims, 2001 KC, MO

Boys Vs. Girls, 2002 KC, MO

Teenage Heartthrobs, 2005 KC, MO

Career Day, 2003 MOCADC, Washington, DC