I've noticed the hashtags popping up on various social media accounts. I've seen the billboards and news articles. Ive seen a Bad moon Arising...

It has been 4 years since there has been any sign of NEWA on ANY social media platform. WHERE IS NEWA? I have 11 children who are looking for their father and this scum bag thinks he can just ghost his fam and graff community that supported him for years?? There is currently a $15,000 reward for the location of or general whereabouts of Mister Newa. If you have information, please contact me and we will get to work. I only require a $1000 down payment so I know your serious before we get to work. Money will be repaid with the $15,000 reward money. 

The world can not continue without these questions answered. Who really Shot JFK? Where is Malaysian Airlines flight 370? Where was the moon landing filmed? Where is Newa? 

These questions need answers and I am sure with a small about of money we can get to the bottom of this. If reading please share with as many as possible because SOMEONE out there has the truth!! Contact me through site and I will happily except pay-pal, e-check, or any credit card, minus dinners club. Cash, gold, and silver also accepted through the mail. Lets find Newa and bring him Home!!!









Me and broke Newa's we don't get along

Over 100 pics have just been added to the Art, Metal, BitsandPieces, and RandomActsofVandalism categories. There is also stuff for sale in the store with more items being added as they are created. Enjoy the pics, buy some stuff, tell your friends. The good lord will reward you. Thanks for coming! If your reading this you probably have to much time on your hands...I have heard knitting is not only very therapeutic but also extremely rewarding.

Did you know?

In Florida you can buy a quart but they don't have 40's. In New Jersey Old English 800 comes in plastic 40's. Around the country men are planning on making a comback, in their 40's. Most Police officers pack 9mm's rather than larger caliber Glock 40's. MTV's best show ever was 120 Minutes which was 3 intervals of 40's. I bought a couple shirts, then a couple more, now I have 4 Tee's. I drank 8 espressos, I should have had 4 Teas.

I've been thinking alot today

well i thought about the army dad said, son you're fucking high and i thought, yeah there's a first for everything so i took my old man's advice three sad semesters it was only fifteen grand spent in bed i thought about the army i dropped out and joined a band instead

grew a moustache and a mullet got a job at chic-fil-a citing artistic differences the band broke up in may and in june reformed without me and they'd got a different name i nuked another grandma's apple pie and hung my head in shame

in this time of introspection on the eve of my election i say to my reflection god, please spare me more rejection 'cause my peers, they criticize me and my ex-wives all despise me try to put it all behind me but my redneck past is nipping at my heels, i've been thinking a lot today, i thought about the army...

Miracle Hair Care 8 Piece Set Shampoo Conditioner Spray

New Years resolution, start blogging everyday. Late like always. Everyday I forget to I  am going to cut off a finger. I wonder if I should save the fingers I start collecting? Tomorrows a new day to try again. Actually tomorrow is today already. Looks like someones losing a finger. 

Whatchu need kid?

So life sucks. Its the "holidays" and things just go from bad to worse. One of the best things about prison besides the good food, friends, and forced sex, is the lack of responsibilities dealing with the outside world. Its amazing how fast they catch up with you once a part of the outside world. I started at owing about 23k, now that is climbing to 30+. If you ever wanted to buy something, now would be an awesome time. I always take care of those who take care of me, ask anyone who has ever bought anything. I'll be posting some new art soon, but its all a catch 22. Must sell remaining stock of items to fund the finishing of new items. Shirts, stickers, art, its all an expensive game. If you are reading this, hi, how are you doing. Cool. If you see some art and are interested in a piece just like the one you may see in the "art" section, please drop a line, I'll drop a price and we can do business. Untill the new ish gets posted, please enjoy and spread the word to anyone who may be interested in anything. And please tell everyone you know that we love you as much as iLoveNewa. We all miss you Brian Griffin.




Whens the last time you bought a REAL Graff Mag??


The man is out. The mag is done. The man is in mad debt.

100 pages. OVER 400 flicks. Cleans, Freights, Monikers, Billboards, Extinguishers, Stickers, Action Shots, and Bombing from coast to coast. HUNDREDS OF NEVER BEFORE SEEN FLICKS!

With some exceptions, MOST flicks are HARD COPY ORIGINALS from Newa's personal collection from 1997-2001. OG SHIT.


Featuring work from:


"plus a cast of hundreds to make you cold say GOOD GOD DAMN"- Newa

EIUA 3 OUT NOW! 100 original pages, please peep, creep, cop then jock.

www.iLoveNewa.com in the store or...



Isn't Newa in prison? Wait again??

A long time ago, in a County far, far, away, NEWA had to do some time. To make a long story short, he lost his mind while in jail. Although by no means was NEWA serving any hard time, his already fragile state of mind was broken and only got worse upon returning home. After many months of counselling, night terrors, and more than a dozen "accidents" in bed, he has started to change back. Only this time he has changed back to the angry, destroy society, vandal he was in his younger days. He has only revenge on his mind.  The courts took a menace and made a monster. Coming this summer, the story of what happens when a man is pushed to far. This summer, NEWA is a man. A man, out for justice. 

OPPS.....Looks like I did it again. If I knew keeping it real was gonna be this hard I would have...naw I would just have kept it realer, and not have gotten bagged again. But to make an omelet you got to break a few chickens necks, and in about a month this drama will hopefully be done and the beginning of the end can begin..to start the end of the beginning...is anyone even paying attention? And what is about to start?,,,,

I swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth...

OK, In February go locked up in County for a bid. In June through September had to do a bid in Prison. After 15.5 days of freedom I was again Locked up, I did nothing wrong and after two weeks of bull in the worst County ever I was released due reasons I wont comment on cause the case hasn't ended yet. But things are returning to normal. And business is getting back on its feet. Orders are going out. Mags are being laid out, printed, then new ones laid out. This is currently what I am doing to bring some ol skool graff mag flavor back to the game. Every order helps and with the new employees at ILOVENEWA things are moving like rock into stems, then over and over again. Please, If you ever cared about the history of Graff, the cats that rocked it, don't stop it, and want to relive that old school flavor, please email EIUAMAG@gmail.com. Not sure how the money is being collected, but I will blog tomorrow. I promise to keep all interested up to date as much as possible. Thanks to all who have already supported this dopest of adventures.....100 pages of all original flicks. Never before seen flicks by them cats that are the reason you are writing now. Support a brother, support the seen, send some green. I ain't over mother fuckers....Just getting warmed up..welcome to act two in the life of NEWA.

Today I turn myself in...again...

This sucks. not because jail is such a horrible place, it is actually kinda quite and peacefully and a man can get a lot of thinking and planning done in them circumstances. Maybe this is why I am criminally insane and always ending up back in. But this time it sucks because things are happening. We are bringing back parts of graff that haven't existed in years. We are developing our own products and are going to be unleashing so many new things that, God damn this is just not the time to be locked up. I got to much to do. All I can do is hope my time goes quick and when I am released the evil doers haven't won and their is still life out there. Or maybe the county will be bombed and I will walk out and it will be like the walking dead. I hope so cause I'm gonna bang one of them zombies. How come no one else has yet? A bitch that don't talk, don't eat, is in great shape, and you know no one else has been all up in there so whats the worst that can happen you catch a case of the living dead? I was a severe drug abuser most my life, I know how to get a long with the living dead. Shit, the guards just wouldn't show up and we would be trapped in there forever. God I hope a plane is flying from Yemen as I sit here aimed directly at the Duvaul County Jail. Allahu Akbar Bitches! Well I'm sure that was enough for the NSA to have me held in a special cell when I get in. Hope to be back shortly. It's still a long bitch of a shortly but, hey. To be a playa you gotta crush a lot. See you soon or see you in hell bitches. ALLAH AKBAR!!!


For those who read...www.IloveNewa.com is going through some changes. Been working my ass off and scanning my ass off to bring all new never before seen gems like these samples her with Nace, Sace, Nekst, and many other never before seen pictures. Working to get my Instagram back on line (lost phone and password I'am an idiot) so for those who dare to care, please enjoy some random new scans....


ALSO, if I owe you stuff, it is on its way, money has been tight thanks to the assholes in the judicial system, so it may be taken longer than usual, but orders are out or in the process of being sealed up right now. I am sorry. I am only one person, and I am doing all I can with all the restrictions and other commitments I am forced into. But I promise those who supported me will be supported back.


There are so many plans and scams and ideas in the works and all those who have supported since day one will have the first chance to take part, receive, see these new creations. All the hell that I have been through since last November will start to pay off. If things don't go as planned, look for me with a rifle on the roof of a tall building somewhere. I'm sure fox news will cover it. I promise to keep everyone posted on everything as it unfolds. All I ask is please bare with me. I am honestly no where near 100% in the brain area after what has happened. I'm getting back into the swing of things, it hurts, it's a slow process, but it's starting to come together. Promise. 

WOW Has it been a while....

Do people really write whats on their mind? What am I a sixteen year old girl? Well since I am having Website issues, All and I mean ALL packages from the NEWA Store are packaged up or in transit. I am sorry for the delays but moving, getting near deathly ill and some major issues with my store and site that are being worked on caused some extremely AWESOME SUPPORTIVE brothers to have to wait on their orders, and I WILL MAKE IT UP TO THEM. While the site is being upgraded and the store revamped, I've decided to just post as often and as much on this facebook thing cause apparently Spider-man, Justin Timberlake, and the dude from Zombie land have faith in it. You can all stop writing about big brother watching and watch what you post, but this is me, and this is what I do, and big brother is already in our emails and cell phones so if they want it, they know where to get it. Working on two new amazing sets of paintings including my painted version of the Ten Commandments and other hits from the Big Book of Jesus. I can't wait to start posting them. And to those who know and care, just finished a third new billboard. Will be revealed when the time is right. But this old dog aint going no where. Some get better with age, with age I don't think I have gotten better but I have lost all sense of what is appropriate and that line you don't cross no longer exists. I hope to make those that have always followed and supported me very happy by causing the most controversy I possibly can. When that day comes, remember this post. And please let that girl in math know I exist, she is SOOO dreamy! I'm thinking about asking her to the One Direction Show but I don't think she knows I exist! Being a teenager sucks....and please let my boobs start growing in! Is this a diary or a prayer? Your local asshole is back like never before....

While the cats away...wait no, the mice can't play....

First off, thank you to EVERYONE who has supported the NEWA store and have bought EVERYTHING listed. The store will be down for "maintenance

", in other words, the store is being reloaded with SO MUCH NEW ITEMS AND STUFF, and also, I have to go spend some time behind bars. I will keep the store closed while I am locked up. Hopefully, it will be over before anyone misses me. When the store reopens, it will have SO MANY new items that it will be MIND BLOWING. And all will be announced on Facebook and Instagram. 

Thanks for following and buying. Serving time is the easy part, its the over $15,000 that I need to raise to pay off court costs and restitution's  Once I am back, the store is gonna be run like any real store, with daily specials, mad limited edition items, things yo cant find anywhere else and so on....

Thanks again and EVERYONE will be notified the very SECOND that I am free and able to answer and help everyone who shops in the store. Hopefully by now people have been getting their items and have been spreading the word. I hope everyone has been very happy with their items. If so, please spread the word, Please show everyone what you have received and how great of a guy I am. Thanks again and talk to you all before you even know I am missing. Until then....

What? Newa is in jail? Why? What??

As you may or may not know, Mr. Newa is involved in a complicated and VERY expensive legal drama thanks to bitch ass mothers who can't keep their mouth shut. A bunch of "has been's who never were" or "self proclaimed kings" of nothing but being a punk ass rat as well as a toy that has never made a dent in the world of graff except for dick riding, compulsive lying, and having every one in the graff game say "who? what a gay name" upon mentioning them. Yes their is discovery with my case that proves all this to be true. No, I am not going to post it because I am not a rat and would never stoop to their level. When the time is right, the people or main person in question will get his, and when he is no longer around people will say "who? what a gay name" and they will be forgotten even quicker than before, If I were to post the discovery it would be the most fame they have ever gotten, and they don't deserve that in the least bit. They know who they are, and they have to live with that as long as they are still alive. I guess that's it.

Fuck rats, fuck fake ass NIGGAS fronting as something and someone and fuck this city. Its the river city, and rivers are full of rats. cant wait to do my time and BOUNCE. Ill still be who I am. They will still be telling stories of things they never did to people who don't care or don't know better. Hopefully Assburggers or whatever syndrome the leader of these rat toys has kills him soon of natural causes. There's already enough people doing time just cause of this has been who never was ratting out anyone he is jealous of cause he is the "king". "king" with no spots, trains, history, friends, or style. just double chins and a gift to never win. Peace out. Fuck you toy. I'm gonna do my time. You have to do your time free. And i have a lot of crazy friends that make me look normal. Sleep well you fat fucking king rat piece of shit.


ALL ORDERS HAVE BEEN SHIPPED OUT! Life is hell right now so I can't list all I have wanted until I find out about certain dates of incarceration...but I can not THANK YOU ALL SOO MUCH from the bottom of my empty heart for all the sales, donations and interest. Thanks and I will keep everything up to date as it happens....


Hot damn the news store is finally open!!! Please click into the store to get a quick idea of the type of items that will be available. Besides limited edition and out of print mags and zines, this is your one stop shop for your official NEWA LIL' BADASS BILLBOARDS, plus old school and euro paint. I will update it as often as possible, right now I just have it loaded with some basics at small amounts to see how it works. Thanks to you who have waited. Please tell your friends and family. And all money goes towards the NEWA Legal defense fund. Only about 18,000 dollars to go!

Another time that makes you ask why?

On August 12 2001 something happened that changed my life forever. My best friend, Nace, my hero, idol, my reason for painting, was killed in a car accident due to a drunk driver. A straight edge drug free person was killed by a drunk fucking asshole. This made me question everything in life, the reason for living, the laws of karma, right and wrong, and lead me on a downward drug spiral that almost killed me. Well did three times but was brought back to life for some reason. 

Not to long after my Kansas City Homeboy and VSB crew member Tues was killed in another car accident.

July 13 2009, my second Mayhem Brother was killed. Sace was someone that had the world by the balls, but like me an addiction had him by the balls. I knew what he was going threw and knew the incurable suffering of addiction and the path of destruction left at its foot steps that affects the addict, their family's, and their friends.

Later that summer in August, another friend, Oil, Crude Oil, Oiler, the head of my new crew WGE passed away. I had known him for years and had known of him for years, but had just started to really start spending serious time with him. I could tell we were cut from the same fucked up cloth. I'm proud to say I am the last person he actually put down in the crew which is now well on its way to straight killing shit for real.

I spent a lot of time cleaning myself up. I figured if I have survived what I have survived, I was put here for a reason. I stopped doing the daily madness that is the life of a hardcore drug addicted and got my shit together. I have had problems with my best friends, problems with crews, and just took time to be alone, paint, and get clean and where I needed to be.

Then in 2011 I met someone who helped me really get my shit together. I realized it was time to not only get my shit together in a big way, but come back out in the biggest way ever. She knows who she is and I thank you. Big things are happening at a rate I can not believe.

But in the slow realization that with all my hard work I might finally make it, a big accomplishment for me, I was once again knocked out by the news of what I thought could never happen. The death of my fifth crew mate and Third Mayhem Brother, Nekst, and only a few days before Christmas  This is news I hopped to never again hear, let alone at this time of the year which is already hard to not eat a bullet during.

Over the years my and Nekst like a lot of crew members have gone in different directions. I was hurt to see him stop pushing mayhem and push other crews, but this is something that happens. People grow apart, and grow closer to others, and you push the crews of who you roll with the most. This doesn't in anyway take away the years we spent together, the good times, the bad times, the down right out of our mind times.

Nekst was one of a kind in a world of one of a kind people. He stood out in a crowd of people that all stand out. He was one of the tuffest humans I have ever met and one of the craziest I have ever met. I don't know what to say but if you met him, you knew. That look in his eye where you didn't know weather to laugh or run, like the look in a sharks eye. He was a maniac that did spots that others couldn't even talk about. And did them in a size and style others couldn't pull off on a legal wall.

If you were lucky enough to know him, you were lucky. I feel that about everyone I know. But its time we learn a lesson about all these deaths. Life is short, real short. Especially what we do. Stupid simple misunderstandings lead to life long grudges and its bullshit. Its time we all realize that "live fast die young" and "yolo" is a great caption to write on a clean, but not a cool way to die.

If my five friends were still alive, this life, this game wouldn't even look the same. We don't need to loose anymore. I have been down the road of doing all the drugs just to do them. Driving cause I was the drunkest one. And I stopped it before I killed someone or myself. You don't have to die to be a legend  I hope all my fallen brothers are resting in peace, or at least hanging together.

I made it through everything I have made it through for a reason, and I am gonna do something with the life I have left. Something big. Don't worry it's coming. But right now, Rest in Peace Nace, Sace, Tues, Oil, and Nekst. Plus all of your homeboys. RIP is so last year. Lets try to do 2013 together and alive.

Use this time to get on Facebook, Instagram, where ever you can and pay your respects. These people all deserve it. And to the families of all those, I am so sorry, words can't even begin to describe. But your son's where the hero's and rock-stars of a world that you just can't understand. The things they did that you used to yell at us about, that's what is causing hundreds if not thousands to spend Christmas crying. Your sons really did something. Illegal or not. That's no longer this issue. They were kings in a world the created. The were stand up men in a world of people sitting down. They really did things that changed peoples lives. They changed my life. 


So to all those fine people who sent their addy and requested stuff, it is coming. Just put finishing touches on the packages. If you haven't received anything yet, its on its way.

To those asking about art or paint, I will be posting individual cans and pieces on Instagram, you can follow at iLoveNewa or click the link below to look at the pictures. You can thank make offers on the cans. EVERYTHING MUST GO! I have many paintings by myself and others, including those much better and more famous-er than me, including a 10,000 painting i'd be willing to sell for 2,500/ Please just stay posted and we can make things happen.

Thanks to all for their support and lets look towards 2013 as THE YEAR OF THE ASSHOLE. The Newa Strikes Back. Return Of the Newa. Newa IV the quest for peace...naw fuck that one  Either way, its on. Peace...


So if you "know" me you know that I had some plans for the past week in Miami that were gonna forever change the world. Do to the world being forever changed up were I am living at, I can't leave the county, state, or country, or really do any of my normal "work" . So currently the "major" plans are on hold.

In bigger news, I need a lot of money. As much as I can gather and then times that by ten. If you ever wanted to own some art, now would be the time to do it. Order now and have it by Christmas. Paintings, drawings, framed signed limited edition prints, photos, Paint! Order now. Or tell me how much you would like to spend and I will tell you what is available. Got $100 dollars, tell me and I will send you much more than $100 dollars worth. Got $10 dollars? That will work too. Any amount, everything must go.

Besides ALL MY PAINT and art, I am also selling my art collection. Got $2500? Now would be the time to invest and get a $10,000 painting that will never decrease in value. I will not stear you wrong. I have a large collection from a lot of famous writers. Prints, Original Art. Posters, Out of Print Books, Out of Production Paint, lets make a deal. You will be rewarded for years to come. I am not one to beg, but this is me begging. Keep hope and Newa alive! 

Graffiti Petey The Graffiti Rat

Graffiti Petey The Graffiti Rat