Hot damn the news store is finally open!!! Please click into the store to get a quick idea of the type of items that will be available. Besides limited edition and out of print mags and zines, this is your one stop shop for your official NEWA LIL' BADASS BILLBOARDS, plus old school and euro paint. I will update it as often as possible, right now I just have it loaded with some basics at small amounts to see how it works. Thanks to you who have waited. Please tell your friends and family. And all money goes towards the NEWA Legal defense fund. Only about 18,000 dollars to go!


So to all those fine people who sent their addy and requested stuff, it is coming. Just put finishing touches on the packages. If you haven't received anything yet, its on its way.

To those asking about art or paint, I will be posting individual cans and pieces on Instagram, you can follow at iLoveNewa or click the link below to look at the pictures. You can thank make offers on the cans. EVERYTHING MUST GO! I have many paintings by myself and others, including those much better and more famous-er than me, including a 10,000 painting i'd be willing to sell for 2,500/ Please just stay posted and we can make things happen.

Thanks to all for their support and lets look towards 2013 as THE YEAR OF THE ASSHOLE. The Newa Strikes Back. Return Of the Newa. Newa IV the quest for peace...naw fuck that one  Either way, its on. Peace...


So if you "know" me you know that I had some plans for the past week in Miami that were gonna forever change the world. Do to the world being forever changed up were I am living at, I can't leave the county, state, or country, or really do any of my normal "work" . So currently the "major" plans are on hold.

In bigger news, I need a lot of money. As much as I can gather and then times that by ten. If you ever wanted to own some art, now would be the time to do it. Order now and have it by Christmas. Paintings, drawings, framed signed limited edition prints, photos, Paint! Order now. Or tell me how much you would like to spend and I will tell you what is available. Got $100 dollars, tell me and I will send you much more than $100 dollars worth. Got $10 dollars? That will work too. Any amount, everything must go.

Besides ALL MY PAINT and art, I am also selling my art collection. Got $2500? Now would be the time to invest and get a $10,000 painting that will never decrease in value. I will not stear you wrong. I have a large collection from a lot of famous writers. Prints, Original Art. Posters, Out of Print Books, Out of Production Paint, lets make a deal. You will be rewarded for years to come. I am not one to beg, but this is me begging. Keep hope and Newa alive! 

Graffiti Petey The Graffiti Rat

Graffiti Petey The Graffiti Rat