So if you "know" me you know that I had some plans for the past week in Miami that were gonna forever change the world. Do to the world being forever changed up were I am living at, I can't leave the county, state, or country, or really do any of my normal "work" . So currently the "major" plans are on hold.

In bigger news, I need a lot of money. As much as I can gather and then times that by ten. If you ever wanted to own some art, now would be the time to do it. Order now and have it by Christmas. Paintings, drawings, framed signed limited edition prints, photos, Paint! Order now. Or tell me how much you would like to spend and I will tell you what is available. Got $100 dollars, tell me and I will send you much more than $100 dollars worth. Got $10 dollars? That will work too. Any amount, everything must go.

Besides ALL MY PAINT and art, I am also selling my art collection. Got $2500? Now would be the time to invest and get a $10,000 painting that will never decrease in value. I will not stear you wrong. I have a large collection from a lot of famous writers. Prints, Original Art. Posters, Out of Print Books, Out of Production Paint, lets make a deal. You will be rewarded for years to come. I am not one to beg, but this is me begging. Keep hope and Newa alive! 

Graffiti Petey The Graffiti Rat

Graffiti Petey The Graffiti Rat

I woke up to my cold sheets and the smell of NJ

So some more trains were added to METAL and some more flicks to ART. I know, I know,  we are working still on organizing these sections in a better way. Sometimes it is hard to pick your favorite ten whole cars and your favorite 250 flicks when your archives stretch from 1994 till now in hard copy's  pics on dvd's, and digital photo's. It is soooo time consuming and the staff is working so hard editing the new will all be worth it. Speaking of, please please, please keep checking out the YOUTUBE videos, which can be found on the VIDEO page, AND FOR NOW ON, all BLOG posts can be commented on, so PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, drops some knowledge, talk some shit, diss your enemies without them knowing who you are, Diss my enemies so they don't know who I am. Fuck that don't work. And I love every, especially that NEWA. So enjoy, read, watch, comment, and lets get this party started right...


No Nation like DoughNation

Word word..did Clinton or Bush win last night? Oh who gives a fuck...So everyone who has written, yes you are getting free stuff. For all those too lazy to write and pass your addy to my Chief of Propaganda, your stuff is coming. I'm trying to finish the NEWA Coloring book AS SOON AS POSSIBLE for y'all  if not don't worry, your names will be forever on my list to get things always and forever....


Besides that in the lab....The videos are being produced...and for all those asking...yea that other thing is know..those THINGS....those "Boarded Bill Things," shits on fire. It's been a long while coming, thanks certain Midwest police forces. But I can promise, the amount of ideas and anger that has build up over the years, I'm about to bitch slap the system, and ya'll got front row seats. This is all for you Mr. A Hoffman. You'll be proud. Until then....

Just another day living in the hood, just another day around the way

The cities toys were nestled all snug in their beds, While visions of bitten burners dance in their heads; My web designer in her 'kerchief, and I in my Yankees cap, Had just settled down when it hit me, oh snap! -The Art, Billboards, and Random Acts of Vandalism pages have been updated and tweaked like a Kansas City meth binge. Thanks to those who have written. As the song goes, If you hit me once I'll hit you back. The Contact page is always there waiting for a friend....

There are still prints and zines from the "Drawn Together" project and if I am not mistaken, there are still some billboards from Steel Wheels available. Still waiting to get some items back to see what is left. But no worries, if you claimed a piece, it will be held for you.  

As the Jersey Shore marathon continues, so do I! The final major updates will hopefully be done this weekend...and then the real fun can start....oh boy I get that feeling in my pants where I am not sure if I just peed or not when I think about what is in store....

But as the Situation slowly shows his abs from the corner of my sight, Later Y'all bitches, and Y'all bitches good night!