The Sticker Relocation Program

So I'm starting this sticker exchange program. I know other's exist or so I've been told but this one will be run by NEWA Industries. Haven't thought of a name yet or all the in's and out's (ever listen to the band Inside Out?  Fucking amazing. The dude from rage against the machine was the singer. Only louder, angrier, and total hardcore. More punch someone in the face music than, um...raging against the machine music. Did anyone ever get around to raging against the machine by the way? Just checking. Sitting around not bathing in front of Wall Street really doesn't count as "raging" if you ask me, but I have gone off topic.)

So I trade lots of things with lots of people. Ever since I was a wee little lad, black-book in hand, toy stamped on forehead, riding the subways with a pocket full of fat caps (ever listen to the band Downset? They got some ties to the graff community. I'm looking at you LA and the CBS family. AMAZING band for the time, like Inside Out YEARS ahead of what became mainstream...again I'm off point.)

I have been obsessed with stickers. Making them, putting them up, even non-graff stickers, I just love the idea of carrying a pocket sized message to plaster up in someones view without their permission. So I have always collected stickers, I have thousands. When putting up my stickers I often grab some from the collection that arent even mine. Ill put up some stickers from some writer who lives somewhere else to help them get some sun and confuse the locals as to who may or may not be in town. 

So my plan is spimple, I plan on mailing as many stickers as possible to as many people as possible. If you send me stickers back, as many as possible, not only will some be added to my collection and my city, but I will send some to the next person I mail stickers to. The more stickers that get in the mix, the better the chance of your stickers getting up in another city youve never been or never will be or just getting in the hands of another writer and you getting the same in return. Just imagine opening your mailbox and getting a fresh stack of Kaws, Twist, and Nace stickers. The mailbox right next to your time machine cause unfortunantly those days are a distant memory. But think what if...don't miss out on an opportunty to be part of something that could be very very dope.

Also, I will most likely make a black and white zine or something of all the best and send them around or maybe post in a new section on this site...Hit up the Contact page for the info. And who knows, maybe I'll get generous one day and slip some Kaws, Nace, and Twist stickers in a package. Damn...they were called the good ol' days because they really were good.