WTF happened??

Well sometimes life just kicks you right in the Justin Biebers.  Makes you remember all the real times with real niggas doing real things and how them days are over. Kaws has a float in the Macy’s day parade, Euro paint is sold for two dollars a can on Ebay, the “new writer’s” aka “rat toy bitches” can’t do 24 hours in jail without ratting out everyone they ever knew, and I’m stuck here in hell till god knows when.

What went wrong in my life…And for the aforementioned rat toy bitches.. What, did you think this shit is all fun and games and legal? That’s why the whole world does it. Go rack then post what you racked on the internet. Did you think when you posted all 11 of your pieces with you posing in front of them on instagram that was a smart thing that all writers do? Just because Cope does it doesn’t mean you have to. When you’ve done less in your entire career then most writers do in a night, you’re not a writer. And now that everyone has their discovery and knows who said what, your all going to get what comes to you. Good luck in your future hobbies cause this one isn’t going to let you forget.

And to all those real niggas doing real things, way to go. You can’t get over anymore than having a Macy’s day float. That is some never thought off next level shit. Don’t hate. Man put in his work and deserves it. Now, can someone throw me a much earned bone? Just asking, as a real nigga who has done, is doing, and will be doing real things.

Real Niggas Doing Real Things...

I woke up to my cold sheets and the smell of NJ

So some more trains were added to METAL and some more flicks to ART. I know, I know,  we are working still on organizing these sections in a better way. Sometimes it is hard to pick your favorite ten whole cars and your favorite 250 flicks when your archives stretch from 1994 till now in hard copy's  pics on dvd's, and digital photo's. It is soooo time consuming and the staff is working so hard editing the new will all be worth it. Speaking of, please please, please keep checking out the YOUTUBE videos, which can be found on the VIDEO page, AND FOR NOW ON, all BLOG posts can be commented on, so PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, drops some knowledge, talk some shit, diss your enemies without them knowing who you are, Diss my enemies so they don't know who I am. Fuck that don't work. And I love every, especially that NEWA. So enjoy, read, watch, comment, and lets get this party started right...


Ok, I swore I wouldn't....


Now this is my promote the propaganda of NEWA. To spread the disease that is I...and I promised it would not be a forum to talk about local toys, "kings or a has-been who never was", the politics of acts of destruction....NO! This is just a place to post pics and get some scams going and bring together a world that like me can enjoy looking at nice art work and get the same enjoyment as smashing a glass bottle on the side of the road, or knocking over an isle in a store "just because", if your sick in the head, you belong here....and here we are. This is not the diary of a 14 year old emo girl. however, sometime you just got to yell from the roof tops, god damn it everything fucking sucks!! And that is what the below post was, a fuck you and the horse you fist fucked to get here. it has nothing to do with art shows, projects or updates. But if you want to know why I think life sucks, please read. Hugs!


Most likely everything sucks because there is no god therefore our lives are completely meaningless. I would assume through a series of mishaps and random accidents in the universe somehow life was created. Then through natural selection the best of the best have managed to survive and make it this far. That's pretty fucking sad considering the batch of inbreed morons that inhabit this planet. Your telling me that these fat retarded fuckers that can't navigate a parking lot in a motor vehicle equipped with a GPS and can almost drive itself are the descendants of men who built wooded ships with their bare hands and crossed the oceans with only poorly drawn maps and an idea thanks to the stars of where they thought they were going and managed to make it back and forth from continent to continent? These sweat pants wearing chain smoking gotten get a spot five inches closer to the door were I plan on filling my fat fucking face with rotting flesh, these are the masters of their race? These are the best of the best?

But I digress....Perhaps it's worse. What if heaven forbid humans and life as we know it was placed on this planet by a higher power? An almighty being that knows all and can control all and has the power to intervene during natural disasters and when babies are born with cancer and when Tyler Perry wants to make another whatever the fuck. Nice job God you lazy fuck. Thanks for the water air trees and bitch's too good to talk to me. Thanks for making white trash retards rich for being an embarrassment to society while I sit around in more pain than a creature should ever feel from all my broken bones and wonderful life lessons you let me learn while I try to hustle another dollar to pay the rent in my insect filled piece of shit shelter.

It's to bad every other day isn't Sunday so we can worship thee. Fucking jerk off. Maybe I'll be lucky enough to find an invisible friend to thank for life and can be killed by someone who thinks their invisible friend is the right invisible friend and I should die for liking mine more. Fuck you, your rules, your planet, your race of morons and the stuck up bitches who love them. Fuck everything. But thanks for giving me the ability to own firearms and posses the knowledge to make bombs and poisons to start taking out your army of retarded rotting flesh. Hope when it's all over, we never meet. Thanks for making a world were every fucking mother fucking thing sucks. Fucking asshole. Fuck you. And your zombie son too.