Isn't Newa in prison? Wait again??

A long time ago, in a County far, far, away, NEWA had to do some time. To make a long story short, he lost his mind while in jail. Although by no means was NEWA serving any hard time, his already fragile state of mind was broken and only got worse upon returning home. After many months of counselling, night terrors, and more than a dozen "accidents" in bed, he has started to change back. Only this time he has changed back to the angry, destroy society, vandal he was in his younger days. He has only revenge on his mind.  The courts took a menace and made a monster. Coming this summer, the story of what happens when a man is pushed to far. This summer, NEWA is a man. A man, out for justice. 

OPPS.....Looks like I did it again. If I knew keeping it real was gonna be this hard I would have...naw I would just have kept it realer, and not have gotten bagged again. But to make an omelet you got to break a few chickens necks, and in about a month this drama will hopefully be done and the beginning of the end can start the end of the anyone even paying attention? And what is about to start?,,,,