WTF happened??

Well sometimes life just kicks you right in the Justin Biebers.  Makes you remember all the real times with real niggas doing real things and how them days are over. Kaws has a float in the Macy’s day parade, Euro paint is sold for two dollars a can on Ebay, the “new writer’s” aka “rat toy bitches” can’t do 24 hours in jail without ratting out everyone they ever knew, and I’m stuck here in hell till god knows when.

What went wrong in my life…And for the aforementioned rat toy bitches.. What, did you think this shit is all fun and games and legal? That’s why the whole world does it. Go rack then post what you racked on the internet. Did you think when you posted all 11 of your pieces with you posing in front of them on instagram that was a smart thing that all writers do? Just because Cope does it doesn’t mean you have to. When you’ve done less in your entire career then most writers do in a night, you’re not a writer. And now that everyone has their discovery and knows who said what, your all going to get what comes to you. Good luck in your future hobbies cause this one isn’t going to let you forget.

And to all those real niggas doing real things, way to go. You can’t get over anymore than having a Macy’s day float. That is some never thought off next level shit. Don’t hate. Man put in his work and deserves it. Now, can someone throw me a much earned bone? Just asking, as a real nigga who has done, is doing, and will be doing real things.

Real Niggas Doing Real Things...