What? Newa is in jail? Why? What??

As you may or may not know, Mr. Newa is involved in a complicated and VERY expensive legal drama thanks to bitch ass mothers who can't keep their mouth shut. A bunch of "has been's who never were" or "self proclaimed kings" of nothing but being a punk ass rat as well as a toy that has never made a dent in the world of graff except for dick riding, compulsive lying, and having every one in the graff game say "who? what a gay name" upon mentioning them. Yes their is discovery with my case that proves all this to be true. No, I am not going to post it because I am not a rat and would never stoop to their level. When the time is right, the people or main person in question will get his, and when he is no longer around people will say "who? what a gay name" and they will be forgotten even quicker than before, If I were to post the discovery it would be the most fame they have ever gotten, and they don't deserve that in the least bit. They know who they are, and they have to live with that as long as they are still alive. I guess that's it.

Fuck rats, fuck fake ass NIGGAS fronting as something and someone and fuck this city. Its the river city, and rivers are full of rats. cant wait to do my time and BOUNCE. Ill still be who I am. They will still be telling stories of things they never did to people who don't care or don't know better. Hopefully Assburggers or whatever syndrome the leader of these rat toys has kills him soon of natural causes. There's already enough people doing time just cause of this has been who never was ratting out anyone he is jealous of cause he is the "king". "king" with no spots, trains, history, friends, or style. just double chins and a gift to never win. Peace out. Fuck you toy. I'm gonna do my time. You have to do your time free. And i have a lot of crazy friends that make me look normal. Sleep well you fat fucking king rat piece of shit.