For those who read...www.IloveNewa.com is going through some changes. Been working my ass off and scanning my ass off to bring all new never before seen gems like these samples her with Nace, Sace, Nekst, and many other never before seen pictures. Working to get my Instagram back on line (lost phone and password I'am an idiot) so for those who dare to care, please enjoy some random new scans....


ALSO, if I owe you stuff, it is on its way, money has been tight thanks to the assholes in the judicial system, so it may be taken longer than usual, but orders are out or in the process of being sealed up right now. I am sorry. I am only one person, and I am doing all I can with all the restrictions and other commitments I am forced into. But I promise those who supported me will be supported back.


There are so many plans and scams and ideas in the works and all those who have supported since day one will have the first chance to take part, receive, see these new creations. All the hell that I have been through since last November will start to pay off. If things don't go as planned, look for me with a rifle on the roof of a tall building somewhere. I'm sure fox news will cover it. I promise to keep everyone posted on everything as it unfolds. All I ask is please bare with me. I am honestly no where near 100% in the brain area after what has happened. I'm getting back into the swing of things, it hurts, it's a slow process, but it's starting to come together. Promise.