Whatchu need kid?

So life sucks. Its the "holidays" and things just go from bad to worse. One of the best things about prison besides the good food, friends, and forced sex, is the lack of responsibilities dealing with the outside world. Its amazing how fast they catch up with you once a part of the outside world. I started at owing about 23k, now that is climbing to 30+. If you ever wanted to buy something, now would be an awesome time. I always take care of those who take care of me, ask anyone who has ever bought anything. I'll be posting some new art soon, but its all a catch 22. Must sell remaining stock of items to fund the finishing of new items. Shirts, stickers, art, its all an expensive game. If you are reading this, hi, how are you doing. Cool. If you see some art and are interested in a piece just like the one you may see in the "art" section, please drop a line, I'll drop a price and we can do business. Untill the new ish gets posted, please enjoy and spread the word to anyone who may be interested in anything. And please tell everyone you know that we love you as much as iLoveNewa. We all miss you Brian Griffin.