I've noticed the hashtags popping up on various social media accounts. I've seen the billboards and news articles. Ive seen a Bad moon Arising...

It has been 4 years since there has been any sign of NEWA on ANY social media platform. WHERE IS NEWA? I have 11 children who are looking for their father and this scum bag thinks he can just ghost his fam and graff community that supported him for years?? There is currently a $15,000 reward for the location of or general whereabouts of Mister Newa. If you have information, please contact me and we will get to work. I only require a $1000 down payment so I know your serious before we get to work. Money will be repaid with the $15,000 reward money. 

The world can not continue without these questions answered. Who really Shot JFK? Where is Malaysian Airlines flight 370? Where was the moon landing filmed? Where is Newa? 

These questions need answers and I am sure with a small about of money we can get to the bottom of this. If reading please share with as many as possible because SOMEONE out there has the truth!! Contact me through site and I will happily except pay-pal, e-check, or any credit card, minus dinners club. Cash, gold, and silver also accepted through the mail. Lets find Newa and bring him Home!!!